Joanna is a 26 year old dancer born in Rotterdam. At the age of 15 she started dancing salsa, and since then never stopped dancing. After following classes at many dance schools, she discovered she wanted to upgrade her dancing skills and joined a showteam for latin dancers. At the age of 17 she danced her first international show, and since then fell in love with showdancing. During the following years she danced with different showteams, and performed at different national and international stages among which New York was one of the greatest. After a few years of performing with showteams and different partners, she wanted to develop herself and her dancing level more, and she decided to continue her journey as a solo dancer. As a result of this decision, in May 2018 she participated in the Dutch Salsa Championships, and won the first place in the solo category. Her journey didn't end and the championships, in fact, this motivated her even more to continue this overwhelming dance journey. In November 2018 and 2019 she participated in the German Salsa Championships, and became second. In the year of 2019 she went to Miami to participate in the World Salsa Championships, called the ''World Salsa Summit'', to perform her solo show. Later that year, in April, she participated in the Dutch Open Salsa Championships and became first. All this experiences made her want to share her passion and knowledge with others, so she can continue to spread the love for salsa amongst many.